. Special Forces Events

Delivered by former 22 SAS, UK Special Forces and frontline military veterans


We bring a wealth of business knowledge and military experience that is unmatched in the event industry. We deliver Transformational Teambuilding & Leadership Courses that have measurable outcomes through Corporate and Individual Events. Delivered by former 22 SAS, UK Special Forces and frontline military veterans.


Realistic Special Forces Experiences

Get a glimpse into the world of a special forces operator. Our events deliver unique and realistic activities managed by former UK Special Forces soldiers. Demand the best for yourself.

Team development

Harness transferable skills from our DS to build a stronger team dynamic. Our activities and events are tailored to your specific needs and are both mentally and physically challenging.

Equipment and

We use the highest level of safety and medical equipment to ensure our candidates are always safe. All equipment outside of the mandatory packing lists for our events are provided.

Event planning and

Fully managed by Special Forces and armed forces Veterans, each event is planned with military precision to ensure you and your team get an experience like no other.

Bringing you

Adrenaline fuelled missions that are both physically and mentally demanding will ensure your team bonds as a unit. The special forces are forged on small, highly trained teams working effectively together, let us give you those skills.

Photograph and video opportunities

All of our events include professional photography and videography. This ensures that your event is captured for you to look back on in the future and share via social media.

Certificate of

On successful completion of the event, each candidate will receive a certificate including a prize for best team and best individual.

Event Site

Our events are held in Scotland near Stirling, paying homage to the regimental history of the Special Air Service. Our locations enable us to challenge candidates and bring out the best in you and your team.

Onsite Event

Set-up, safety, briefs and post-mission debrief are part and parcel of a Stoic event. Every element is planned in meticulous detail to ensure our events deliver maximum impact.
true to detail


We deliver our experiences in locations that provide a rich, dynamic and completely discreet environment from which to respect the memory and pay homage to the heroic achievements of the Founding Fathers of the Special Forces. We operate exclusively and privately from the very hills, lochs and glens where our original Special Forces were forged. This course is undiluted: from start to finish we’re divulging knowledge, transferring skills you can use individually and as a team.
Access to this rare world is extremely limited. We’ll build the physical, emotional and mental resilience for you to get maximum benefit and performance. Do you have what it takes to harness the special forces mindset?
“For the last few years, my DS and I have been delivering and managing meaningful, high energy and memorable events across the UK. Working in partnership with large events companies and corporate organisations. This led to myself and my Business Partners launching Stoic Events.”


We tailor a bespoke package to your needs and budget based on the mission outcomes you are looking to achieve. Every event experience is different because each business has different goals. Our events are proven to improve productivity and bring teams together. Don’t take our word for it, click the videos below to hear what some of our previous candidates have to say about their experience.
How long are you going to wait before you start demanding the best

for yourself?

Stoic Meaning: stoic /ˈstəʊɪk/ Noun: a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.